NEW Kitchen, Bath & Cabinet Manufacturer


After a family dispute in a well established company that designs and manufactures cabinets. Instead of a long legal battle 'the partner' (family member) walked away from the business to start his own. At 25 years old he likelyhood of this was remote but myself and the client 'on a consulting contract' went to work hard on a plan to start his new business. To make this short, we obtained a grant from Government of Canada, we recieved $800,000 in Lease approval to purchase all the equipment that was needed to turn the key. Exactly one year later the now 26 year old was cash flow positive and bought out his previous company.







Oilfield services company. ​Lease Take-out of existing excavator company in the province of Alberta. Existing small owner operator of 3 trucks was looking to expand by taking over a competitor with 22 Trucks and contracts in the Oilfields. Banks would not touch as a Business purchase without the prospect of 50% down which the sale would be 5 million. The buyer was not equipped with this type of cash flow so we did the sale and purchase as a Sale and Leaseback of equipment which we were able to find multiple funders to share the risk. this company now 15 years old is one of the largest of its kind in Canada today.

Corporate Covert surveillance.

Production lines in this plant had 3 shifts, morning, afternoon and midnight. The morning and afternoon shifts ran equally in production levels but the midnight shift was only doing 1/2 the production. Company hired one of our surveillance team members to work and get close to the midnight shift team. Within the first week the 'undercover agent' identified a group of 5 which were going outside on a frequent basis. After brief discussions with employer and our legal team our process was going to be to get close to the group. Over the next few days our 'undercover' deliberately was pretending to sleep on the job until the group of 5 noticed him, and they did a splendid intro by taking our 'undercover' outside where they had beer, bbq, and cannabis. Subsequently they were all asked to sign a release or face criminal charges, the 5 left.

Tiff Toronto International Film Festival

Regularly hired by actors and models to protect them with our Security staff but recently we had a high profile celebrity wanting us to befriend the star while he attends the events as he was being stalked. Our private investigator uncovered the stalker who had been following the star for 6 months which started at his home in Southern California.

The company party.

It’s odd, but becoming very apparent to company presidents and directors that company parties can result in liability issues, lawsuits, criminal acts. Over the last year and noticeably over the recent Christmas holidays we have been approached by companies to follow their employees that maybe getting into vehicles after drinking alcohol. We would put in several officers and or investigators who also have been assigned a taxi budget to make sure employees get home safe.