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Licensed Private Investigator

Experienced Sales Manager Executive in various environments including b2b, b2c, retail and industrial.Strong technical aptitudeProven ability to successfully analyze an organization's critical business requirements, identify deficiencies and potential opportunities Develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for enhancing competitiveness.

Increase revenues, and improving customer service offerings. Including, and uncovering fraud. Extensive values add experience by understanding Clients financial issues. CRM, revenue goals, culture, critical success factors, strategic and tactical plans.Organization structure, customers, suppliers, and the impact of assets use and income. .






 Credit Town Inc. which represented hundreds of banks credit unions and leasing companies since 1993

  • Started from ground up whereby entrepreneurs can sell financial and leasing products. Focused in the Vendor programs we hired and/or contracted, trained a successful team of 30 reps all across Canada and USA. My programs generated overall sales on average by 30% but also creating another revenue source.

  • Lead a New Solar and Wind and Energy Saving financing programs. 

  • Coached, trained and mentored Sales Associates to deliver outstanding personal performance.

  • Perform comprehensive market analyzes and strategies for Vendors

  • Responsible for establishing the credit risk and appropriate credit lines as well as for maintaining strong business relationships and supporting the corporate values of the organization. I would have to identify accounts requiring intervention and will do collection calls. 



E-mail scanning is a process in which incoming and outgoing mail

Phone monitoring

Bugging and debugging

employee monitoring 

Location monitoring




In Canada


The following uses of employee information are generally considered legal:

Find needed business information when the employee is not available.

Protect security of proprietary information and data.

Prevent or investigate possible criminal activities by employees.

Prevent personal use of employer facilities.

Check for violations of company policy against sending offensive or pornographic email.

Investigate complaints of harassment.

Check for illegal software.


Employee Monitoring can be used to monitor the safety and productivity of the employees but it also helps manage your bottom line financially. From the dishonest unethical employee who steals time and money from your business to the redefining of unprofitable processes in monitoring employee actions, employee monitoring allows for the growth of financial profits from a small investment. The monitoring of employees can help in the production of employees and it can help as protection in litigation by employees for job related issues such as failing to perform, illegal activities and harassment claims. According to the American Management Association almost half (48%) of the companies surveyed use video monitoring to counter theft, violence and sabotage. Only 7% use video surveillance to track employees’ on-the-job performance. Most employers notify employees of anti-theft video surveillance (78%) and performance-related video monitoring (89%), (Retrieved from the article The Latest on Workplace Monitoring and Surveillance on humanresources

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